Cordoba Orchestra

Orquesta de Córdoba

The Orquesta de Córdoba is a symphony orchestra with a staff of about 50 musicians, founded in 1992 by the Cuban composer and conductor Leo Brouwer. Since then, it has offered more than 1,800 concerts, has performed first auditions for Europe and Spain, and has premiered works by numerous national and international composers. In addition, … Read more

Córdoba Flora Festival

Festival Flora

The Flora Festival is an international event where artists from around the world transform the world heritage and emblematic spaces of Cordoba, such as the courtyards, the Plaza de Colon or the Palacio de Viana in spectacular ephemeral works of art where the traditional and the modern will be mixed. Renowned artists such as the … Read more

Guitar Festival in Cordoba

Festival de la Guitarra

The Guitar Festival is an international show that takes place every year during the month of July in Cordoba. Throughout a week we can enjoy shows and guitar concerts in genres such as flamenco, jazz, blues, rock and classical music. The Guitar Festival brings together the most important artists in the world of guitar and … Read more