Cordoba Synagogue

The Synagogue of Cordoba is from the medieval period, from the XIV century, built for religious purposes. Its decoration with Mudejar atauriques makes it a unique Synagogue, being one of the 3 best preserved in Spain and unique in you will find all the information related to this great monument, the Synagogue of Cordoba.

Hours of the Synagogue of Cordoba

From Tuesday to Saturday: From 9:30 to 14:00 hours and from 15:30 to 17:30 hours.

Sundays and holidays: From 9:30 to 14:00 hours and from 15:30 to 17:30 hours.

Monday: Closed.

Location of the Cordoba Synagogue

The Synagogue of Cordoba is located at Calle Judios, 20, 14004 Cordoba, Andalusia, in front of the Casa de Serafad, in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Cordoba.

How to get by bus to the Cordoba Synagogue

To get to the Synagogue of Cordoba by bus, you can take any of the following lines: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 16.

Ticket Price Cordoba Synagogue

Admission to the Cordoba Synagogue is free for all citizens of the European Union, and has an entrance fee of €0.30 for non-EU citizens.

Entrada Sinagoga Córdoba

History of the Synagogue of Cordoba

The Synagogue of Cordoba was built in 1315, in Mudejar style, being unique in Andalusia and one of only 3 in Spain to be preserved since that time. Its construction was carried out by the builder Isaq Moheb, created for religious purposes.

When the Jews were expelled in 1492 by the Edict of Granada, the Synagogue was transformed into a hospital for hydrophobes. The Synagogue was also used as a hermitage, occupied by shoemakers, and as a kindergarten until 1884, when certain inscriptions were discovered that led to the restoration of the Synagogue.

In 1885, after the discovery of the inscriptions in the synagogue, it was recognized as a National Monument. It underwent several restorations in 1928 by Félix Hernández, and a second one in 1977 until its opening in 1985. The last of its restorations began in 2017 and ended in 2018 reopening its doors to the public.

Parts of the Cordoba Synagogue

The Synagogue of Cordoba has different emblematic places, each one with its peculiarities and history, designed for different functions achieving this unique synagogue. The most important parts of the Cordoba Synagogue are:

The women’s tribune

Arched gallery that was created in order for women to have a place of worship. It is connected to the main prayer hall, and is located on the upper floor. Also known as the Women’s Gallery, this area represents a part of the Jewish culture of earlier times.

Galería de las mujeres Sinagoga Córdoba

Courtyard and entrance of the Cordoba Synagogue

It can be accessed from the street through the east wall, with walls surrounding the courtyard of approximately 5 meters on the north and west walls, on the east side about 6 meters and on the south side about 3.5 meters.

The courtyard is trapezoidal, something that is not at all common in this type of construction. The entrance to the Synagogue is in the facade that is located in front of the north wall of the courtyard, composed of two windows and a door. In its beginnings, this part of the Synagogue, the entrance, served as a checkroom and maskiita (pool for ablutions).

Mikveh of the Cordoba Synagogue

In the same area where the ablutions were performed, which were the ritual baths of purification before the liturgy in Judaism, was the Mikveh of the Synagogue of Cordoba. After several archaeological actions, it was discovered that there was this mikveh, contemporary to the synagogue, next to a Talmudic school, thus discovering that the synagogue was of large dimensions.

Cordoba Synagogue Prayer Room

The prayer room is the largest room in the synagogue. It has a rectangular floor plan and a ceiling of approximately 11 meters. It has a coffered ceiling, with the tabernacle in the eastern part, a space reserved for the Torah. On the opposite side is the altarpiece of Santa Quiteria, which is a niche with a single poly-lobed and pointed arch.

Sala de oraciones Sinagoga Córdoba

Frequently asked questions about the Cordoba Synagogue

  1. When was the Cordoba Synagogue created?

    The Synagogue of Cordoba was created in 1315.

  2. Who was the author of the Synagogue of Cordoba?

    The author of the Synagogue of Cordoba was the master builder Isaq Moheb, in the 14th century.

  3. Architecture of the Cordoba Synagogue

    The architecture of the Cordoba Synagogue is Moorish architecture, decorated with Mudejar atauriques.