Guitar Festival in Cordoba

The Guitar Festival is an international show that takes place every year during the month of July in Cordoba. Throughout a week we can enjoy shows and guitar concerts in genres such as flamenco, jazz, blues, rock and classical music.

The Guitar Festival brings together the most important artists in the world of guitar and music, who offer concerts and live shows as well as an extensive educational program, conferences and round tables of specialists in this instrument, as well as courses of composition for guitar and flamenco dancing and singing.

The Guitar Festival will be held from July 1 to 9, 2022.

Program of the Guitar Festival in Cordoba 2022

Guitar Festival Program Friday, July 1, 2022

  • SARA BARAS: Alma, at the Gran Teatro at 20:30h
  • MEDINA AZAHARA: Llegó el día, at the Teatro Axerquía at 22:30h.

Guitar Festival Program Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

  • SUSAN SANTOS, at theTeatro Góngora at 20:30h.

  • ANDRÉS CALAMARO, at the Teatro Axerquía at 22:30h. 

Programa festival de la Guitarra Domingo, 3 de julio 2022

  • JUAN PERRO: Libertad, at the Gran Teatro at 20:30h.

  • VASILIS KOSTAS & LAITH SIDIQ DUO: “Steps” (Patrocina Casa Árabe), at the Teatro Góngora at 20:30h.

  • LUIS BEDMAR, ARMONÍAS VOCALES: Concierto homenaje con Coro Brouwer, Javier Riba, Paco Serrano, Juan Carlos Villanueva y Cristina Avilés. Director musical: Javier Sáenz-López. at the Plaza de San Agustín at 22:00h.

Guitar Festival Program Monday, July 4, 2022

  • COQUE MALLA: The journey of the giant astronaut, at the Gran Teatro at 20:30h.

  • DAVID RUSSELL, at the Teatro Góngora at 20:30h.

  • PATIOS DE GUITARRAS, at the Posada del Potro – Centro Flamenco Fosforito at 22:00h:

DANI MEJÍA, flamenco guitar “Entelequia”.

PABLO HEREDIA, flamenco guitar, “Tripasarí”.

Guitar Festival Program Tuesday, July 5, 2022

  • JOSÉ MARÍA GALLARDO/ MIGUEL ÁNGEL CORTES: Albéniz Flamenco with Ana Morales. ABSOLUTE PREMIERE, at Teatro Góngora at 20:30h..

  • PATIOS DE GUITARRAS: “Confesiones desde el silencio: Músicas de nuestro tiempo” at Palacio de Orive at 22:00h.

– ÁLVARO LEONCIO, classic guitar


Programa festival de la Guitarra Miércoles, 6 de julio 2022

  • JOHN SCOFIELD: Yankee go home, at the Gran Teatro at 20:30h

  • EOS GUITAR QUARTET, The soul of Paco. Tribute to Paco de Lucía, at Teatro Góngora at 20:30h.

  • “LA NOCHE DE LA GUITARRA” ORCHESTRA OF CORDOBA / RICARDO GALLÉN/ JOAQUÍN CLERCH. Madrigal Concert for two guitars and orchestra by Joaquín Rodrigo and works by Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Ponce. Conductor: Carlos Domínguez – Nieto. With the collaboration of the Cabildo Catedral de Córdoba. In Patio de los Naranjos de la Mezquita – Cathedral of Cordoba at 22:00h.

  • PATIOS DE GUITARRAS: Tributo a Paco de Lucía, en el Palacio de Viana a las 22:00h.

– FRAN TARI: “Recuerdo a Paco”

– MANUEL HERRERA: “Esencia Flamenca”

– CARLOS LLAVE: “Por Paco»

Guitar Festival Program Thursday, July 7, 2022

  • PETER BERSTEIN / MARK WHITFIELD / JESSE VAN RULLER: A guitar conference, en el Gran Teatro a las 20:30h.

  • ARIEL ABRAMOVICH / MARÍA CRISTINA KIEHR: El dulce trato hablando: la música de Alonso Mudarra, en el Teatro Góngora a las 20:30h.

  • CALIFATO 3/4 | TANXUGUEIRA, en el Teatro Axerquía a las 22:30h.

  • PATIOS DE GUITARRAS: “De Bach a Brouwer, un viaje a través de la literatura guitarrística» en la Casa Árabe a las 22:00h

– CECILIA MORENO, guitarra clásica

Programa festival de la Guitarra Viernes, 8 de julio 2022

  • ORQUESTA JOVEN DE ANDALUCÍA | Mª ESTHER GUZMÁN (guitarra) | LUCÍA MARTÍN (dirección musical) Fantasía para un gentilhombre de J. Rodrigo. Sinfonía nº 5 de  P. I. Tchaikovsky. Con la colaboración de la Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico de la Junta de Andalucía. En el Gran Teatro a las 20:30h.

  • LA M.O.D.A + MUCHACHITO BOMBO INFIERNO, en Teatro Axerquía a las 22:30h.

  • PATIOS DE GUITARRAS, en la Casa de las Campanas a las 22:00h.
  1. MIGUEL CHÉRCOLES, guitarra flamenca
  2. DANIEL MADRID, guitarra flamenca

Programa festival de la Guitarra Sábado, 9 de julio 2022

  • AL DI MEOLA ACOUSTIC TRIO, en el Gran Teatro a las 20:30h.

  • ALAN PARSONS LIVE PROJECT, en el Teatro Axerquía a las 22:30h.

  • PATIOS DE GUITARRAS: Europa y Latinoamérica. Diálogos entre la guitarra académica y popular, en el Museo Arqueológico a las 22:00h.

– MENCÍA ORTIZ, guitarra clásica

– LUCÍA DURO, guitarra clásica

Medina Azahara
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Visit the Guitar Festival

To visit the Guitar Festival in Cordoba you will need to know the information below.

When is the Guitar Festival held?

The date of the Guitar Festival for 2022 is July 1 to 9.

Guitar Festival Schedule

The Guitar Festival remains in the city of Cordoba for a week, the schedule of the beginning of the concerts and shows is from 20:30 and 22:30.

There are training programs, conferences and courses that take place in the morning and in the afternoon and normally last three hours. To attend these courses, registration must be requested through the official website.

Where the Guitar Festival is held

The Guitar Festival will hold a series of concerts during these days that can be enjoyed in three venues, these are the Teatro Góngora, Teatro Axerquía and Teatro Góngora. The training programs, conferences and courses are usually held at the Palacio de los Congresos de Córdoba, although it is sometimes possible that they take place in any of the three theaters above.

Map of the Guitar Festival

History of the Guitar Festival in Cordoba

In 1981 the well-known guitarist from Cordoba, Paco Peña, after having toured the best stages in half the world with his music, started the Guitar Festival.

It was when the artist decided to create a flamenco meeting, which was attended by dozens of young people and artists from around the world with the aim of participating in intensive guitar courses and that without looking for it attracted neighbors and passers-by who joined to listen to the sound of their instruments.

After this, what began as learning courses became a renowned international guitar festival.

Previous editions of the Guitar Festival

Edition 2021 Guitar Festival

At the 2021 Guitar Festival we had the pleasure of listening to 19 artists, among them Paco Peña with a large format musical work ”RÉQUIEM POR LA TIERRA”. David Russell, a renowned classical guitarist of world renown or the tribute to the legendary guitarist Paco de Lucia ”UNA NOCHE POR PACO”.

In addition to complementary activities with eight guitarists participating in the Festival where they will tell interesting aspects of their artistic career and details about their concert proposal giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions to the artists.

2019 Guitar Festival Edition

The 2019 Guitar Festival featured a total of 24 concerts and shows such as that of the Mercedes Ruiz Company, an interrelation between flamenco/Spanish dance and bullfighting performed only by women. The album ”De verdad ” was enjoyed, a vindication of the purest flamenco by José Mercé and Tomatito, or the tribute to Joaquín Rodrigo, composer who contributed so much to the guitar repertoire and took place in the Mosque – Cathedral, specifically in the Patio de los Naranjos, in addition to numerous training programs with 14 artists and complementary activities.

2018 Guitar Festival Edition

The 2018 Guitar Festival featured a lineup of 21 concerts and shows with the presence of artists such as the American rock band Kiss, the virtuoso Spanish flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo in which he presented his work ”Memoria de los Sentidos”, or the well-known flamenco “cantaor” Miguel Poveda, in addition to 14 artists who gave training programs and complementary activities on the history of the guitar.

Video of the Guitar Festival

Frequently asked questions about the Guitar Festival

  1. How much does the guitar festival cost?

    The entrance fee for the Guitar Festival ranges from 8-50 euros per person depending on the artist.

  2. When does the Guitar Festival take place?

    The Guitar Festival takes place from July 1 to 9, 2022.