May Crosses of Cordoba

The May crosses in Cordoba are a festivity in which brotherhoods of the Holy Week, associations, clubs, groups… participate to try to win a contest held by the City Council. It consists of decorating the cross in the best possible way, thus creating different visually perfect spots. They can win prizes, and the areas vary depending on whether it is the old town, closed enclosures or are in more modernized areas.

The designs created with flowers are a great tourist attraction, and it is a tradition that the people of Cordoba are passionate about. In the surroundings of the cross there is usually an atmosphere, as people gather around them to celebrate these significant days.

The festival of the May crosses in Cordoba usually takes place at the beginning of May on its first weekend. If you are going to visit Cordoba, do not hesitate to see this great festivity and enjoy it.

Visiting the May Crosses in Cordoba

To visit the May crosses in Cordoba you will need to know all the information that we will provide below. From its location, duration, meaning… To a gallery of images of the May crosses to contemplate the beauty of this tradition.

Where are the May crosses of Cordoba?

The May crosses of Cordoba are all over the city scattered in different neighborhoods and locations. The best thing about the days when the crosses are exposed is that walking around Cordoba is much more enjoyable, as you will find May crosses in the city center, historic center, Ciudad Jardin, San Basilio neighborhood… And many more places, each with a different style and personality.

Schedules of the May Crosses in Cordoba

The May crosses remain in place for the 5 days of the festival, the first weekend of May, so you can visit them at any time as they are open to the public. But if you are looking to spend the day in it accompanying the atmosphere, you can do it in the dances that are made around the bars that are enabled near them.

May Crosses of Cordoba 2022

This year 46 brotherhoods, entities and associations will participate in the May Crosses of Cordoba Contest, which are distributed between the historic center, modern area and enclosed areas:

Historical Center:

  • Hdad. de Jesús Nazareno. Father Cristobal Square.
  • AA.VV La Medina de Córdoba. Jerónimo Páez Square.
  • Hdad Nuestro Señor Resucitado. Conde de Priego Square.
  • Hdad. of the Good Death. Ignacio de Loyola Square.
  • Hdad. del Buen Suceso. Poet Juan Bernier Square.
  • Hdad. of the Sentencia. San Nicolas Square.
  • Hdad. of the Expiration. Santa Marina Square.
  • Hdad. of the Soledad. Plaza de la Lagunilla.
  • Hdad. Penas de Santiago. San Andres Square.
  • Hdad. of the Santa Faz. Plaza de la Compañía.
  • Hdad. of the Via Crucis. Plaza de la Trinidad.
  • Hdad. of the Borriquita. San Agustin Square.
  • Cultural Association Abades. Abades Square.
  • Hdad. del Socorro. Socorro Square.
  • Association Smile of Polka Dots. Plaza del Potro.
  • Hdad. de la Oración en el Huerto. Plaza Tierra Andaluza.
  • Association Ntro. Padre Jesus de la Salud. Magdalena Square.
  • Hdad. del Calvario. Plaza de las Cañas.
  • Hdad. de la Paz y la Esperanza. Cuesta del Bailio.
  • Hdad. of the Mercy. San Pedro Square.

Closed Enclosure:

  • Peña Los Emires – Hdad. del Cristo de Gracia. c/ Queso, 5.
  • Hdad. de la Esperanza. Olimpia Cinema (c/ Zarco).
  • Club de Matrimonios La Unión. 1, Bilbao St..
  • Hdad. Santo Sepulcro. Triunfo de San Rafael.
  • Hdad. de los Dolores. Plaza de Capuchinos, 6.
  • Figueroa Club. Plaza de la Marina Española s/n.
  • Asociación Cáritas Sagrario. 5, Samuel de los Santos Gener St.
  • House of Seville. c/ Ronda de Andújar, 17.
  • Asociación Amigos Niños Saharauis. c/ Escañuela, 3.
  • Asociación Amigos del Gazpacho. 12 de Octubre St..
  • ACPACYS. c/ Dolores Ibarruri, 2.
  • AA.VV. Alcázar Viejo. c/ San Basilio, 13.
  • Hdad. del Prendimiento. Fuenseca Cinema.

Modern Zone:

  • Hdad. Sagrada Cena. c/ José Dámaso ‘Pepete’.
  • Los Quintos Cultural Association. Boulevard Hernán Ruiz.
  • Hdad. de la Merced. Pedro Gómez Laserna.
  • Hdad. Cristo del Amor. Fray Albino Avenue.
  • AA.VV. Huerta del Rey. c/ Cairuan.
  • AA.VV. Promisión-Centro Cult. Woman Villarrubia. Plaza de los Ríos.
  • Hdad. del Descendimiento. Gardens Virgen del Rocío.
  • San Jorge Scout Group. Myrtle, 11 (El Naranjo)
  • AA.VV. Cañero Nuevo. c/ Joaquín Benjumea.
  • Association Quinta Angustia Mercedaria. Bulevar de Plaza Colón.
  • Hdad. de Jesús Caído. Flor del Olivo Square.
  • ACOPINB. El Carmen School.

Schedule of the May Crosses of Cordoba 2022

From April 28 to May 2, 2022 the May Crosses will remain open all day long from 12.00h to 2.00h.

Within these hours the May Crosses must have the music off between 17.00h and 20.00h.

On Monday May 2nd the schedule will be from 12.00h to 16.00h.

Map of the May Crosses of Cordoba 2022

The yellow color belongs to the Historical Center Crosses.

The red color belongs to the Crosses of enclosed area.

The green color belongs to the Modern Zone Crosses.

The May Crosses of Cordoba

In the city of Cordoba, the first weekend of May is filled with crosses decorated with flowers, giving a special color to the city and the people of Cordoba.

Some of the best known May crosses in Cordoba are:

  • Cross of the Hermandad del Huerto Brotherhood (Winner of cross award in Casco Histórico in 2019).
  • Cross of the Hermandad de la Buena Muerte (Additional award in 2019).
  • Cross of the Asociación de Vecinos Cañero Nuevo (Winner of cross award in modern areas in 2019).
  • Cross of ACPACYS (Winner of prize in cross in closed enclosure in the year 2019).
  • Cross of the Caritas Sagrario Association (Additional award in the year 2019).

Origin of the May Crosses

There are different theories about the origin of the May crosses of Cordoba, since it is not known exactly when this festivity began. One of them is that it is a festival of Pagan origin, which was celebrated at the beginning of this month to celebrate the arrival of spring. A young girl with a white dress and a crown of flowers was the “Maya”, referring to the month of flowers, May.

Another hypothesis stated by different historians is that the origin of this celebration comes from the Romans and that it was a Roman celebration, commemorating the 3rd of May, which was when Saint Helen found the Holy Cross, which to prove its authenticity she put on sick people and cured them. When Saint Helena died, she asked to celebrate the day she found it.

Since its origin is not known for certain, it is not possible to investigate further into its history. What is known in detail about this feast is that it was a popular celebration in Spain during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, although the tradition has been lost in many of these places.

Photos of the May Crosses of Cordoba

In this section you can see some of the best images of the May crosses of Cordoba.

image 8

Frequently asked questions about the May Crosses of Cordoba

  1. What are the May Crosses?

    The May crosses are a celebration in which crosses are decorated with flowers and in some places there are contests to choose the best decorated one.

  2. Where is the May Crosses?

    The May Crosses are all over the city of Cordoba, distributed in different neighborhoods and areas.

  3. How long do the May Crosses last?

    The May Crosses last 5 days, ending the first weekend of May.

  4. What do the May crosses represent?

    It is believed that the May crosses represent a tribute to St. Helena for finding the true cross of Jesus Christ – the cross of Jesus Christ.

  5. What do May crosses mean?

    The May crosses signify a commemoration of Emperor Constantine's mother, St. Helena, who found the Holy Cross.

  6. What day do the May crosses begin?

    The May crosses begin on the Wednesday before the first weekend of May.

  7. When are the May 2022 Crosses?

    The May 2022 crosses are from Wednesday, April 28 to Sunday, May 2.

  8. When are the May crosses in Córdoba?

    The May crosses in Cordoba are the first weekend of May.

  9. How much does it cost to enter the May crosses in Cordoba?

    Entrance to all the May crosses in Cordoba is free, and many of them are located in public places.