Córdoba Flora Festival

The Flora Festival is an international event where artists from around the world transform the world heritage and emblematic spaces of Cordoba, such as the courtyards, the Plaza de Colon or the Palacio de Viana in spectacular ephemeral works of art where the traditional and the modern will be mixed.

Renowned artists such as the Danish artists Tableau, the Spanish Inés Urquijo and Nuria Mora, the English Shane Connolly, the Belgian Tom de Houwer, the Spanish company Terabitia and the Dutch painter Herman de Vries will be present.

Visit the Flora de Córdoba Festival

To visit the Flora Festival in Cordoba you will need to know the information below.

When is the Flora de Córdoba Festival?

The date of the Flora Festival for 2022 will be from October 11 to 21, where from 11 to 14 will be the assembly of installations and parallel activities, from 15 to 20 will be the time for visits to the facilities where there will be more parallel activities and will end on October 21 with the famous floral Guerrilla.

Flora de Córdoba Festival Schedule

The Flora Festival will be open for 10 days, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and admission will be free.

Where the Flora de Córdoba Festival is held

The Flora Festival will take place in Cordoba, Spain, in a series of emblematic sites of the city such as the Diputación de Córdoba, Palacio de Viana, Posada del Potro, Museo Arqueológico, Mezquita – Catedral and the Centro de Creación Contemporánea C3A.

History of the Flora de Córdoba Festival

In 2015 the director of the hotel chain Zizai, Jiangping Fu from China, visited the intangible cultural heritage of humanity such as the festival of the courtyards of Cordoba, he was so in love with them that he decided to finance this project.

Jianping Fu, presented his goal which was that Cordoba was known in China and the rest of the world at the level of Madrid or Barcelona, bringing floral artists from all continents to combine the traditional and modern in emblematic places of the city.

Previous editions of the Flora de Córdoba Festival

Flora Festival Edition 2021

The 2021 Flora Festival brought together 6 international floral artists, among them the Danish artists Tableau with a work in the Diputación, who won the first prize of the festival with a rotating structure full of lively colors and shapes.

Second place was awarded to the Belgian designer Tom de Houwer, who transformed the Palacio de Viana into a magical place with a pond full of petals and spectacular reeds.

Flora Festival 2019 Edition

The 2021 Flora Festival brought together artists of the size of the great French artist Thierry Boutemy who won the second prize this year with Constelación, a work located in the deputation, leaving the first place to Flor Motion, a collective formed by 15 of the best florists in Madrid who come together to promote and disseminate the culture of the flower, his work was exhibited in the Central Courtyard of the Casa Góngora.

Flora Festival 2018 Edition

The 2018 edition of the Flora Festival was attended by 6 artists coming from different continents from Japan, passing through Belgium and reaching Russia. In this edition the winners were, in first place, the Belgian Mark Colle, for his work The children of the park located in the Patio of the School of Art of Mateo Inurria, and in second place, the Japanese Hideyuki Niwa won for Driven by Passion in the Patio of the Posada del Potro.

Flora Festival 2017 Edition

This edition was the most special since it was the first to be held with 8 ephemeral floral installations whose artists were Alfie Lin from China, Flores Cosmos from Mexico, In Water Flower from the United Kingdom, Isabel Marías from Spain, Loose Leaf from Australia, Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz from the United States, Patrick Nadeau from France and, finally, the Belgian Tomas de Bruyne.

This year’s winners were Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz from the United States with their work Duende. Second place went to the Belgian artist Tomas de Bruyne, for Paraíso: Delirio y deseo (Paradise: Delirium and Desire). And third place went to the Australian installation Loose Leaf, for Free Fall.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Flora de Córdoba Festival

  1. How much does the Flora Festival of Cordoba cost?

    The entrance fee for the Flora Festival is free of charge.

  2. When and where will the Flora de Córdoba Festival take place?

    It will take place in the city of Cordoba, Spain, from October 11 to 21, and the works will be installed in emblematic places of the city.