Cordoba Fair

The Cordoba Fair is a festival with a great tradition in the city. It was created and is currently held in commemoration of Our Lady of Health, in the well-known “Arenal” enclosure. In this great enclosure, the perfect place to enjoy riders with their horses, gypsy and flamenco costumes, traditional fair hats, more than a hundred booths open to the public… And an unbeatable atmosphere.
In the Cordoba Fair you can enjoy the best fair environment, being known as one of the best traditions of Andalusia. The fair is designed for the maximum enjoyment of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, having different shows and a variety of events in its celebration.

How to get to the Cordoba Fair

To go to the Feria de Córdoba you can choose different options. The city of Cordoba has several public bus lines that come and go all day to the fair, making it a great option. You can also choose to go to the Feria de Córdoba by cab or on foot.

How to get to the Cordoba Fair by bus

To get to the Feria de Córdoba by bus you can choose between the 12 special lines that are enabled for the journey from different points to the Feria de Córdoba. The lines that are added are from line 21 to line 32, which depart from different neighborhoods of Cordoba or important landmarks.

How to get to the Cordoba Fair by cab

To get to the Feria de Córdoba by cab you can take any of them regardless of the point where you are in the city. In addition, to return, in the same enclosure have an area where they park, next to the buses.

How to get to the Cordoba Fair on foot

To get to the Cordoba Fair on foot you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the Avenida de las Lonjas and enjoy the city of Cordoba.

Location of the Cordoba Fair

The location of the Cordoba Fair is at the Fairgrounds, 14010 Cordoba.

Cordoba Fair Attractions

One of the most important points are the attractions of the fair of Cordoba. The fairground usually has an average of 40 attractions each year, satisfying all ages as there are attractions for children and adults. The prices of them usually vary between 3 and 6 euros, with special days in which discounts and 2×1 in certain attractions are applied in order to enjoy the attractions to the maximum.

Casetas en la Feria de Córdoba

The booths of the fair of Cordoba are probably the most demanded point of the fair of Cordoba. In the Arenal there are more than one hundred fair booths focused on different styles and ages, thus managing to please all the public. A very favorable point of these booths is that they are for public use, that is to say, their entrance does not require payment so it is free, thus ensuring the best possible fair atmosphere.

Origen de la Feria de Córdoba

It was born as a livestock fair, being one of the two established in Cordoba by royal privilege in the year 1238. Subsequently, exactly two centuries later, the historic Catholic Monarchs chose the month of May as the date for one of them, when the city of Granada was still Muslim, being this fair even earlier than the April Fair in Seville or the Horse Fair in Jerez.

The Cordoba Fair, commemorative and known as the Fair of Our Lady of Health or the May Fair, continued with its livestock vision until the twentieth century, using the mornings of the fair for trade agreements and the afternoons and evenings for fun and partying in their canvas booths. A curiosity about it is that every year the dates of celebration of this one varied, until 1890, when it was decided to fix it in the last week of the month of May.

The fair continued to be held over the years, and the Spanish Civil War did not stop it, since the livestock fair continued although leaving aside the recreational part, which was recovered in 1939.

The location where the fair was held varied over the years. It began to be held near the Puerta de Sevilla, until the beginning of the 19th century, when it was held in the Jardines del Duque de Rivas, until 1994. From these years, the Caseta del Círculo de la Amistad is still preserved and used in Cordoba with a modern style, built in wrought iron in its structure and zinc on the roof. Today, it is the Gastronomic Market of La Victoria.

Due to the growing trend of the fair in number of people attending, booths, attractions, stalls… It was definitely moved to the Arenal, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

At this point, the fair has become an important tourist spot in the city of Cordoba bringing together people from all over the world, with the sole purpose of having fun and spending a great day with friends or family..

Cover of the Cordoba Fair

The cover of the Cordoba Fair is one of the most emblematic images that can be seen in the city during the month of May.

The entrance gate to the fair of Cordoba is an ornamental element covered by bulbs replicating artistic styles that characterize the city, with different references to its caliphal past.

It was in 2005 when the current façade was inaugurated, becoming the largest façade in Andalusia with an extension of 45 meters high and 140 meters wide. In the facade of the fair of Cordoba we can appreciate a reproduction of the arches of the Mosque of Cordoba and the old minaret at the ends. Another reference, is that in the central arch of the cover, a statue of the Triumphs of San Rafael is included.

The illumination of the cover of the Fair of Cordoba is at 24:00 hours on the first Friday of the fair, being the inauguration of the fair. Together with its lighting is accompanied by fireworks to make its ignition a more special moment.

If you want to enjoy a unique spectacle in characteristics and visual beauty, the cover of the fair of Cordoba is something you can not miss.

Photos of the Cordoba Fair

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Preguntas frecuentes sobre la Feria de Córdoba

  1. What is the date of the fair of Cordoba?

    The date of the fair of Cordoba is usually between May 20 and 31. These days should cover the 25th of May since it is the day of Our Lady of Health.

  2. When does the Cordoba Fair 2022 open?

    The Cordoba Fair 2022 opens on Friday, May 20, 2022 at 24:00 hours.

  3. When is the Cordoba Fair 2022?

    The Cordoba Fair 2022 is officially from May 20th to May 27th both included.

  4. How many days does the fair of Cordoba last?

    The Cordoba fair lasts a total of 9 days.

  5. How much does it cost to enter the fair of Cordoba?

    Entrance to the Cordoba fair and its booths is free of charge. Tickets for the rides usually cost between 3 and 6 hours.

  6. How many attractions are there in the fair of Cordoba?

    In the Cordoba fair there are more than 150 places specially set up for rides, stalls and playgrounds.

  7. Where is the Feria held in Cordoba?

    The Cordoba Fair is held at the Arenal Fairgrounds in Cordoba.

  8. How many “casetas” are there in the Cordoba Fair?

    In the Cordoba Fair there are more than 100 booths, different in styles and focused on different ages.

  9. When will the Cordoba Fair be removed?

    The Cordoba Fair in 2022 will be removed on May 27th.

  10. When did the Cordoba Fair begin in El Arenal?

    The Cordoba Fair in El Arenal began in 1994 with its definitive transfer.