Itinerary Resurrection Sunday 2023

Resurrection Sunday is the last day of our Week of Passion, Death and Resurrection, a single Brotherhood makes his Station of Penance in the morning until noon. This brotherhood is the brotherhood of El Resucitado.

HORA Resucitado
9:30 SALIDA (9:30)
10:00 Enrique Redel
10:30 Capitulares
11:00 San Fernando
11:30 Entrada C.O (11:45)
12:00 Torrijos
12:30 Sta. Iglesia Catedral
13:00 Salida C.O (12:55)
13:30 Cardenal González
14:00 Diario Córdoba
14:30 Alfaros
15:00 ENTRADA (15:15)

Download Resurrection SundaySchedule Cordoba 2023

Below you can download the official schedule of Easter Sunday for Cordoba 2023. Click on the following link:

Timetable for Easter Sunday Cordoba 2023

Itinerary of the Brotherhood of the Risen Christ 2023

The Brotherhood of the Resurrected receives the nickname of Real e Ilustre Hermandad de Nuestro Señor, Resucitado y María Santísima Reina de Nuestra Alegría (Royal and Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Lord, Resurrected and Mary Most Holy Queen of Our Joy). Founded in 1927, it is conformed by 2 steps, in the first one, we find Our Lord Resurrected, and in the second one, we find Mary Most Holy Queen of Our Joy.

Timetable and official race Hermandad del Resucitado 2023

The route and schedule has undergone some changes from previous years. The route of the Brotherhood of the Resurrected of 2022 was as follows:

Exit 9:30h, C/ Enrique Redel, Capitulares, San Fernando, Entrance Official Race 11:45h, C/Torrijos, Santa Iglesia Catedral, Exit Official Race 12:55h, Cardenal González, Diario Córdoba, Alfaros.
Entrance 15:15h.

Color of the Nazarenes Brotherhood of the Risen Christ

The clothing of this brotherhood consists of a white tunic and white face coverings, accompanied by a white cape with blue laps and blue cincture.

Musical Accompaniment Hermandad del Resucitado Brotherhood

This band is musically accompanied by 2 bands. In the first step, by the Agrupación Musical Santísimo Cristo de Gracia. In the second step, by the Banda Municipal de Música de Mairena del Alcor, Sevilla.

Images Brotherhood of the Risen Christ

In this scene, we can observe the resurrection of Jesus surrounded by 1 angel and 2 Romans. Under the canopy, we can observe Mary Most Holy of Our Joy, happy to see that her son, as we have said, had risen.

Image of the Risen Jesus, obtained from the official Hermandad del Resucitado Facebook page.

To which church does the Brotherhood of the Risen Christ belong?

The Brotherhood of the Resurrected belongs to the Parish of Santa Marina de Aguas Santas, located in the Plaza de Santa Marina, iconic square of the city.